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NiTi #1-DFT®

With NiTi #1-DFT® you combine the best of both worlds. Our DFT® constructions allow the material to maintain the superelastic characteristics of Nitinol when combined with any one of our core materials.

By creating a Nitinol composite you have the ability to increase its radiopacity, conductivity, or resiliency depending on the core material that is used. One of the primary benefits of NiTi-DFT® is that is can be used to achieve enhanced visibility under X-ray fluoroscopy.

X-Ray image showing the difference between the fill percentages using Platinum as the core material. 1) Solid Nitinol, 2) NiTi-DFT®-10%Pt, 3) NiTi-DFT®-30%Pt

Matériaux de noyau
  • Or
  • Argent
  • Platine
  • Alliages de platine
  • Alliages de titane
  • Nitinol
  • Tantale
  • Palladium
Rapports de remplissage standard :

Matériaux disponibles pour livraison rapide.

  • NiTi#1-DFT®-10%Pt
  • NiTi#1-DFT®-20%Pt
  • NiTi#1-DFT®-30%Pt
  • NiTi#1-DFT®-40%Pt
  • NiTi#1-DFT®-10%Ta
  • NiTi#1-DFT®-30%Ta

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