Recherche et développement


Jetez un œil à notre nouvelle actualité R&D.

Chez Fort Wayne Metals, nous nous efforçons de servir au mieux nos clients en améliorant continuellement notre compréhension des matériaux avec lesquels nous travaillons.

For the R&D team, this often means supporting our customers' specifications by answering fundamental scientific questions through collaboration with leading research institutes and universities, and utilizing advanced analytical modalities. We regularly share the knowledge we generate with the scientific community through peer-reviewed publications and technical conference presentations.

Our fundamental research, combined with a deep understanding of the needs of the medical device community, has allowed us to make many advances:

  • DFT® wire - continually refining our process to produce single wire constructions of dissimilar materials with better fatigue life than ever before
  • 35N LT® alloy - a new take on the industry standard MP35N, offering better fatigue life
  • NDR® wire - better fatigue life without significantly altering the mechanical and physical properties of a material
  • SLT® wire - engineered to eliminate the need for straightening and reduce machine downtime

We also serve our customers by offering custom research and development services. If your specifications require wire or rod from a new alloy, we can convert your raw material, or facilitate the entire process, from custom ingot melting to final wire production. Whether you require a unique wire composite configuration or properties that push the limits of current materials and processes, we have the knowledge to develop a solution for you. So come to us with your crazy ideas. We may find them perfectly sane.