Bar products

Fort Wayne Metals manufactures bar products to your specifications such as tensile strength, rockwell hardness, diameter tolerance, and length. Unless specified otherwise, your material will come to you manufactured in 3.05 m [10 ft] to 3.65 m [12 ft] random lengths.

To improve the traceability of your Fort Wayne Metals centerless ground bars, we offer Bar Marking.  Click here for more information.

Et pour vous faciliter la vie, Fort Wayne Metals propose aussi un stock de dimensions courantes de barres rectifiées pour vous servir aussi rapidement que possible. Cliquez ici pour consulter notre stock en cours et envoyer une demande de commande.

Finitions de surface

Bar is available in two surface finishes, allowing you to select the right bar for your application, whether that means a premium, ready-to-go finish, or a rougher, more economical surface primed for additional processing.

Centerless ground & polished bar
  • Bright, smooth surface
  • Consistent diameter and surface
  • Often used in applications that require premium bar surface

Design specifications

  • 1.0 mm to 12 mm [0.040 in to 0.500 in]
  • Standard diameter tolerance: ± 0.0127 mm [0.0005 in]
  • Surface Ra
    • Stainless steel: <0.4 ?m [16 ?in]
    • High-performance alloys: <0.4 ?m [16 ?in]
    • Titanium: <0.8 ?m [32 ?in]
Mill finish
  • Rough, matte surface
  • More economical than centerless ground & polished
  • Less uniform diameter and surface
  • Often used in manufacturing steps that require removal of material

Design specifications

  • 1.59 mm to 12 mm [0.0625 in to 0.500 in]
  • Standard diameter tolerance: ± 0.0254 mm [0.001 in]
  • Surface Ra: <1.6 ?m [64 ?in]
    • Surface Ra does not vary with alloy
Exemples de produits finis
  • Vis orthopédiques
  • Broches
  • Tiges
  • Dental implants
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